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The Last Minute 11: Yo! 

DJ Concert and Dance Party

Presented by the Music Section of the SportclubPSI and the Phd and Postdoc Association (PPA) at PSI

Thursday, February 6, WSAE Building

Start Time: 17:00

The Music Section of the Sportclub PSI and the PhD and Postdoc Association presents "The Last Minute 11: Yo!", a DJ concert and dance party on Thursday, 06 February 2020, starting at 17:00 in the WSAE building, located in the middle of the PSI West parking lot. The concert is free for all at PSI and friends and family are welcome to attend. There will be free drinks and snacks, but please bring your own too. Three of our great in-house DJ's will perform, DJ Trey, DJ Samy, and Laso.

For further information, please see the Sportclub PSI website or contact Peter Alpert, phone extention 3934.