PSI has great running potential: from easy forest paths that give shade in the summer, to steep hills that keep you warm in the winter!

Looking for running partners?

Here is a link to a WhatsApp-group where people spontaneously organize to run together:

 klick here to join PSI Endurance Section Community

You don’t have WhatsApp? No worries, just contact Natalia Kirchgeorg I will keep you updated about the weekly plan!


Looking for inspiration?

Below you will find a small starter kit for discovering the trails of PSI (hills, flats and commuting routes):

Achim classic - 8,6 km ; 300m+

Short uphill behind the Rotberg followed by a smooth cruise down! Also a segment on Strava

Downloads: .gpx file ; map

Besserstein loop - 10,3 km ; 315m+

Steep uphill to the Villigen's vievpoint - Besserstein. On a clear day you can enjoy the view of the Alps! With adventurous downhill.

Downloads: .gpx file ; map

Zürich Vitaparcour - 3,3 km

Obstacle course in the forest at the east side. Link to the official website

Villigen - Stilli - 7,7 km ; 100m+

Short loop through Villigen to the neighbouring town - Stilli. Return on the East side through the forest (or the River). Nice and easy. 

Downloads: .gpx file ; map

PSI - Döttingen- 12,0 km ; 100m+

Longer flat - can be shortened or lenghtened - just follow the river and turn around at any bridge along the way. 

Downloads: .gpx file ; map

SLS Loop - 0,5 km

Feel like an electron! Loop around the SLS building - great for intervals, warm-ups, or a simple afterlunch walk!

Gpx not needed :)

PSI - Baden along the rivers - 14,4 km ; 100m+

Combine your commute with a training! 

Downloads: .gpx file ; map

PSI - Baden via Steunbühl- 16,3 km ; 400m+

Commuting route to Baden with a hilly twist 

Downloads: .gpx file ; map