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Yoga, Zumba & Pilates

Yoga, Zumba & Pilates - Mailing List
Announcements for the yoga, zumba and pilates classes on are done via our mailing list, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to it yourself, or drop a mail to Nicole Hiller.

Info for new members:

Most of our yoga participants have been practicing yoga for several years already and thus our classes could feel challenging and can include rather advanced poses. Nevertheless, beginners are more than welcome to join. Do not be afraid to take extra breaks and skip the poses that you do not yet feel comfortable with. The first class is free (5 CHF directly to the teacher afterwards) and you don't need to sign up, but please let the teacher know that you are new, especially if you do not have a lot of prior yoga experience, so we can make sure that you are well taken care of.

We do have a selection of yoga mats that you can use (they are in the equipment room in the sports building), so you are not required to bring your own mat.



(Regular) Class Schedule:

There might be spontaneous changes/cancellations, so please check the calendar and subscribe to the mailing list. 


Montag 06.02.2023

Zumba - Haimo

Dienstag 07.02.2023

Pilates - Reto

Donnerstag 09.02.2023

Yoga - Micha
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