Der Betrieb des Sportclub PSI und des Sportclubgebäudes OSCB ist aufgrund COVID-19 NICHT mehr eingeschränkt. Mehr lesen...
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Fussball / Soccer


Football for everyone:

At PSI football club, no football background is necessary.

Female players are very welcome, in fact their goals count double! 

Indoors games (all year):

Wednesdays 12:00 to 13:30 in Würenlingen, Turnhalle Gartenstrasse.

Thursdays 17:00 to 18:30 in Würenlingen, Turnhalle Tannenweg.

Outdoors games (summertime):

No fields have been found for outdoor games so far, but we are looking.


Each soccer game is pre-checked by e-mail.

Enter your availability in the google spreadsheet.


To join our mailing list, please add yourself to the distribution list on

For any questions, please contact Gregor Knopp.


Xmas tournament

The traditional PSI Christmas football tournament, took place on Thursday 15th Dec. 2022. 

Champions of '22: TOMCAT - Goran(C), Alex, Marie, Stefan, Tine, Pablo, Simona


The Football team attends every event organized by the ASCERI: mini-atomiades and atomiades. The next event will be in Berlin, Germany, on 9th-12th June 2023.  The number of players is limited to 10.


You know of a friendly tournament and looking for players to sign up? Come and talk to us, many people are looking forward a soccer outing.



Mittwoch 08.02.2023

Fussball - Mittwochs

Donnerstag 09.02.2023

Fussball - Donnerstags

Mittwoch 15.02.2023

Fussball - Mittwochs

Donnerstag 16.02.2023

Fussball - Donnerstags
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Weitere Einträge

 News from the section

2022.12.15 - Xmas tournament '22: Our classical Xmas tournament was a great success. 8 teams competed for eternal fame. Well done to the winner team TOMCAT, led by Goran! Come again and defend your title next year.

2022.12.14 - Mini-Atomiades'23: 10 players are registered for the event. 

2022.11.17 - Pavel's farewell: Come and join us at Pavel's last game with PSI. Be sure to leave him with a strong last impression at the game on Thursday. If you fail to shine on the field, you can still join for a beer afterwards!

2022.09.08 - Sportclub fest: the football section was extremely well represented at the event. thank you for coming and bringing children, partners and even your pet!

2022.08.18 - Apo's farewell: This was the last day of our esteemed teammate Abdhullah. Of course, we let him score. Of course, we went for a beers afterwards. Godspeed Apo!

2022.06.13 - Back from '22 atomiades: Just back from Grenoble where the Atomiades took place. Our 8a-side team did a fantastic work there, reaching the honorable 7th place out of 16 with only one sub. The PSI players sure had a great time.

2022.05.31 - T-shirts order: The ordered T-shirts are ready for pick-up. If not already done, come and get yours!

2022.04.05 - Alumni list: An alumni distribution list is created. Stay in touch!

2022.03.31 - Vincenzo's farewell: A committee bids Vincenzo D'auria farewell. Thank you for the good spirit and the nice games!

2022.03.20 - '22 atomiades preparation:  At the moment, 9 people are registered for football at the Atomiades.


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