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Spielerumfrage Mai 2023 / Player Survey 2023

There were 24 participants. Thank you for taking part in the survey! We will see what we can adjust based on the results...

1) What should change to make the small game evenings more attractive to you?


  • Fridays never work for me, Thursdays only sometimes.
  • Publicize them more
  • By organisation, I mean the communication of the events. They are only communicated through the whatsapp group. Maybe making an advertisment email for the first evening of each months/two months including some info and the dates of the following ones would help.
  • Thursday evening basically never works for me and other days I am also quite often busy already.
  • Have it outside of PSI from time to time?
  • Snack like Tortilla chips?

2) What type of games would you like to play at our small game evenings?


  • I personally like various types of games, i.e. I am glad when it is not all the time the same type of games (and it is not, so I am happy).
  • Regarding New or Complex games it may be best to decide in advance so that we have time to read up on the rules. Then we can hopefully play a better game and spend less time getting started.
  • I do like a bit of everything. However, the rules should be easy and not take too many time to play (like basic rules easy, but the text of each cards adds a lot of complexity) and the game not too long (maximum 2 hours, maybe around one hour is even better)
  • I am open for almost everything, but it largely depends on the group at that time.
  • A mixture of different games works best. And being flexible regarding the amount of participants and the time of the day: e.g. start with something small, dive deep into something more challenging and finish with something fun or so.

3) Is there any game you think we should definitly have in our selection?

  • Codenames XXL, Galaxy Trucker a Dungeon Crawler (not sure if Dungeon Crawler is a description, or the game 'Dungeon Crawler' was ment)
  • Cosmic Encounter, Sonar , etc. (not sure if 'Sonar' or 'Captain Sonar' was ment)
  • Human Punishment (a simple card game of team deduction, good for 4-5 players and scalable to way more), Iki a game of Edo artisans (a 4 player game, where peoples gather ressources, enroll merchants and make trades, maybe toward the more complex), "Mysterium" (a cooperative board game, where one player is a ghost and gives hint to the others in the form of pictures to elucidate a murder) => we already have Mysterium in our collection :)
  • There is a good variety at the moment. Maybe more classics that people know?
  • Not from the top of my head. But it would be nice, to buy for example once a year a few selected new and good games.
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Probably, something easy and fast as Saboteur/Dixit. Also, for large audience it's probably preferable to play new, but more mainstream games because it's the games they may play/played with their friends.
  • There are several and it would be cool if we get an annual budget from PSI to spend it on new games to keep it interesting. It would certainly be good to have more choice and to have the chance of trying new games.
  • Augustus

4) How often should the small game evenings take place?

5) What days are best for you to play?

6) What time is best for you to play?

7) Is there something else you would like to share?

  • The board game section is awesome! (real answer, no fake :) )
  • I enjoyed the evening more when there were more people coming. However, it is hard to advertise small board game evening more than you do. The big game evenings are a great advertisement and the reminder per WhatsApp is also great. I do not know, what could be done better. Thank you very much, Simon, for organizing everything!
  • The alternating Thursday/Friday and the frequency (only ever two weeks) makes it hard to keep track of when the next even will be and to plan ahead. A board game night every week on the same day (or on the same day every other week) would make it easier to plan and easier to go to
  • Due to my busy time schedule I would probably not join very often the small game evenings. But I definitely try to make it to the big ones.
  • Leaving PSI soon, been unlucky with my schedule past few times!
  • Current frequency is fine for me too (there was only one option). However, I often don't have time.
  • I really enjoy the small and the big games evenings. However, I don't have much time to join them regularly. Anyway, keep it up and thank you for the good organization!
  • Maybe start later so people can eat first, and finish within 4 hours?